What is Graphene?

Graphene is an arrangement of carbon atoms in a hexagonal pattern resulting in a

lightweight, flexible, and incredibly strong material.

Protection Is Our Promise
Innovation is in our DNA. At ZAGG, we’re constantly searching for technology that will protect

your device better while making it easier and more enjoyable to use. That quest has led us to Graphene.

Extreme Impact Protection Doesn’t Have to Be Bulky

Industry-Leading Innovators Use Graphene
Leading innovators in the fields of aerospace, aviation, military, professional sports,

electric vehicles are incorporating graphene into their products. (4)

  • SpaceX

  • Head

  • Ferrari

  • Boeing

  • Government Armies

How Graphene Came to Be
Graphene is a basic building block of graphite. Scientists became aware of it over a century ago,and they’ve been studying its atomic structure

and trying to figure out how to extract and utilize it ever since. Graphene was finally isolated in 2004 by scientists Andre Geim and Konstantin

Novoselov at the University of Manchester. They even got the Nobel Prize in Physics for it in 2010.



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(4) list of weblinks to innovators: aerospace, aviation, professional sports, military

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